Working with steel metals is tiring but empowering and exciting as well. As the heat turns up and sparks fly around, welders use their unique art to convert some of the most rigid steel materials into shapes and sizes they envision. Basically, the skill needs consistent practice and guidance from the long service industry professionals to achieve the best result. If you are one of the learners, the piece below will offer a deep understanding of different types of structural steel welding processes and how they can be best applied. 

Gas Steel Arc Welding       

This method is also known as inert metal gas. It employs the use of a shielding gas together with an electrode wire to heat up two or more steel metals and ensure that they are well joined. When using this method of structural steel welding, you need to ensure the voltage and direct current supplied are constant. The process is mostly used to create large bore pipes and plates. 

The Gas Steel Arc Welding process employs four methods of metal transfer. These are globular transfer, short-circuiting, spray transfer, and pulse spray. It is important to adhere to the four stages in sequence to come up with the best weld possible. 

Shielded Steel Arc Welding 

With this type, the welder adheres to a common manual process of stick welding. Basically, the stick is designed to use an electric current supplied in regulated current amounts to a visible arc between the stick and the metals being connected. 

This method is commonly applied in industrial fabrications involving steel structures and weld irons with the application of the V-open groove. It may also be used in welding mild steel pipe systems. 

Gas Tungsten Steel Arc Welding 

The method is best applicable when welding together thick sections of stainless steel. It may also be applied when dealing with non-ferrous steel metals. Basically, the system employs an arc-welding process to come up with a tungsten consumable electrode to generate the most perfect weld. Even though the process is time-consuming, it is known to produce some of the most perfect steel welds. 

Flux Cored Steel Arc Welding 

The method was developed to offer an alternative to shield welding. In essence, a semi-automatic arc type of weld is used during the welding process. Most construction processes prefer this type of weld because it has a high speed and is portable. The variables involved with the method depend on a specific model of welding system used and the wire chosen for the application. Look into structural steel welding near you.