Building on non-ideal soil can be tricky. Formatubes can help with the resolution of some of the issues you are likely to face in this situation, such as water damage and subsidence. They also facilitate construction. Here are a few good reasons why you should consider using Formatubes instead of traditional wooden supports in your next construction project.

1. Soil Stability

Driving wooden poles into non-ideal ground can damage the integrity of the soil, making it thin and loose. This kind of damage can lead to the foundation of your building being weaker than it should be.

When you use Formatubes, you do not need to use as much force to drive the supports into the ground. As a result, the soil integrity is maintained, creating a strong and stable base for your building. The risk of subsidence is reduced, potentially saving you thousands in repairs in the future.

2. Ease of Construction

Constructing a building is typically much faster and easier when you use Formatubes instead of traditional wooden supports. Wooden poles must be braced against collapse until the concrete foundations have set. Formatubes do not require bracing, resulting in a reduction of labour that translates into cost savings for your construction project.

3. Fewer Delays in Rocky Soil

If you are constructing a building in an area that has rocky soil, many experts will advise you to use Formatubes to reduce the risk of damage to the supports setting back your construction project. Traditional wooden poles require a lot of force to drive them into the ground, which can result in damage if they hit rocks. In rocky soil, you can expect to spend a lot of time digging rocks out of the path of the support poles, which is not necessary when you use Formatubes.

4. Water Resistance

Formatubes offer much greater water resistance than traditional supports, thanks to the waterproof membrane that coats them. As a result, there is a much lower risk of moisture affecting the structural stability of your building. Contractors can make Formatubes even more water-resistant by capping them to create a fully waterproof seal during the last stage of the building process. This advantage is very important for construction projects that are taking place in regions that receive high amounts of rainfall. Without Formatubes, it would be necessary to use workarounds, such as covering the concrete to prevent moisture from entering and causing problems.