If you're involved in improving a neighbourhood that has seen its better days, you may have various plans up your sleeve as you transform this area into a community that's once again fit for habitation. This is quite a challenging job as you work with owners to renovate individual properties, but you also want to make sure that the public areas are brought up to specification as well. As you do this, you will want to improve the pavements by resurfacing them, and while you're at it, plant some new trees at intervals along the walk. You will need to ensure that they are protected as they take root and grow, however, and for this you will need to provide some specific mechanisms for protection. What type of street furniture do you need to look at?

The Need For Trees

Trees can have a very positive impact on the lives of those who will populate this new neighbourhood. Not only will they look good and introduce an element of nature but they will help to improve air quality as well. They should always be introduced into a new development, especially if any trees need to be cut down from other areas.

Tree Guards

Nevertheless, when they are saplings they are vulnerable to adverse weather conditions, the attention of stray animals and inadvertent damage by road users. This is why they should be protected by specially-made tree guards that wrap around the trunk from the base and up for a couple of metres. They do not hide the tree from view at all but will definitely help to enhance its growth. Guards typically come in different parts that can be assembled together and will match up with the next item on your shopping list, the tree grille.

Tree Grilles

These cast-iron grilles are set within a metal frame around the base of the tree and just above the roots. They are designed to help saplings forge a healthy root system and deter weeds. They will also help to accentuate the design and fit in particularly well with an upgraded paving plan, while preventing damage from animals, pedestrians or cyclists. You could also invest in a bench that wraps around the tree to give passerby a place to sit.

Completing Your List

Make sure that you budget for these items as part of your general plan to help these trees take root and flourish. This will help you to make the most of your investment and win all of those 'best neighbourhood' awards.