Whether your home is a sprawling, palatial estate or a modest bungalow, installing a pair of metal gates can make your property both more attractive and more secure, and having your gates custom-made by a metal fabrication company ensures that your new gates are everything you want them to be. However, most metal fabrication services work with a wide variety of different metals, and while wrought iron may be the classic choice for gates, the conventional choice isn't always the best choice.

More and more individuals and families who purchase custom metal gates are having them made from stainless steel, and it's easy to see why. This unique metal has a number of advantages over other options, such as wrought iron, carbon steel and aluminium, that make it an ideal choice for custom gates both large and small.

What are the advantages of having my custom gates made from stainless steel?


Rust has been the main problem facing metal gate owners for as long as metal gates have been in widespread use, and metal gates made from wrought iron or conventional steel have to be thickly coated with paints, powder coatings or other protective surface treatments to prevent them from corroding. This is not a problem for stainless steel, as the metal is inherently rustproof. This ensures that your gates will remain strong, secure and attractive for decades to come, and it sidesteps the costs of having surface treatments reapplied every few years.

Low maintenance

Without corrosion problems or coating renewals to worry about, stainless steel gates are extremely low maintenance, and an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and lichen deposits is all you need to do to keep your gates looking brand new.


No need for protective coatings means the smooth, reflective surface of bare stainless steel can be shown off to best effect, and uncoated stainless steel gates are both attractive and very distinctive. However, stainless steel will take to surface coatings just as well as other metals, allowing you to opt for the classic black-painted look or have your gates painted almost any other colour you can desire. If you like the look of bare metal but don't want your gates to be reflective, brushed surfaced texturing is also available.


Stainless steel gates are just as strong as steel or wrought iron gates, and are significantly stronger than aluminium gates, the only other rustproof option. As such, stainless steel gates are extremely secure, and highly resistant to being cut, bent or rammed, creating a formidable obstacle for any ne'er-do-well seeking access to your property. Even if intruders attempt to pull your gates from their hinges using a powerful vehicle, the sheer weight of the steel makes this a difficult prospect to say the least.

Speak to a metal fabrication professional to learn more about the benefits of stainless steel.