If you have any involvement in the building or construction sector you will know that in recent years there have been many advances in technology that have helped to speed up construction and make some parts of the building process less labour intensive. Transporting materials with trucks and using mobile cranes to move sections of building frame into position are both ways that building construction has moved forward in in the modern era and technical innovation can now be seen on building sites across the country. Another technological advance that may not be so apparent to the general public is in the use of vibration plates for smoothing poured concrete prior to letting it set.

Getting the concrete right

Concrete is a vital building material, yet it is not always the easiest material with which to work. Concrete is frequently poured on building sites to create footings, poured walls, or for similar purposes. Such poured concrete cannot be used as it is, for concrete to set correctly it is important that all the air bubbles held within the concrete are removed. This has traditionally been accomplished with hand-held concrete trowels, a slow, time-consuming process that must be completed manually. Without the concrete being smoothed it will not produce the smooth creamy finish that makes concrete such a desirable building material.

How can vibrating plates help?

Taking the time to smooth out all your poured concrete manually slows down the whole building process and can lead to delays when workers who could be working elsewhere on the site need to spend their time working on poured concrete. The most effective solution to this difficulty is to employ vibration plates to smooth the concrete. A vibration plate is able to smooth the concrete much faster than would be possible with conventional hand troweling. As the plate vibrates the vibration spreads throughout the concrete and disperses all the air bubbles that it meets leaving behind a perfectly smooth finish that will remain as the concrete continues to settle and set.

Choosing to use vibration plates the next time you have any concrete to be smoothed on your building project is a great way to save time and ensure that your workers can be employed effectively across the building site rather than wasting a lot of their time on a job that vibration plates could do not just more quickly, but also more thoroughly.