Are you planning to renovate the roofing on your commercial property? Read on and discover some of the important information that you should give your preferred roofer before he or she starts fixing that roof.

Intended Uses of the Roof

You should reveal to the roofer what you plan to use the roof for once it is completed. For instance, you may wish to have a rooftop garden on that roof. Alternatively, you may wish to set up a café on the roof. This information will help the roofer to design a roofing system that will be suitable for that intended purpose. This will ensure that the roof doesn't age prematurely due to being subjected to loads that it was not designed to carry.


It is also helpful for you to mention the importance that you attach to the physical appearance of the roof that you desire. You should also state whether you would like the roof to be cleaned in a certain way, such as using compressed air only. Such information will guide several aspects of the roof's design. For instance, the roofer may not opt for a flat roof due to the limited visual appeal of such a roof.

Extra Features

The roofer also needs to know whether you intend to use any additional features, such as additional insulation or reflective membranes, on that roof. Such additional features can be catered for as the roof is being designed. This can save you from incurring the added costs of modifying the roof when it is time to install those other features that you would like to add to the roof.

Duration of Use

A roofer can also give you the best advice about your roof if you reveal how long you plan to use that property. For instance, he or she may ask you to replace the roof completely in case you intend to own that property for a long time. Complete replacement may be more cost effective eventually when compared to conducting temporary repairs that may fail in a short time.  

Work Timelines

The roofer will also be guided by the amount of time that you give him or her to complete the project. For example, several work teams can be deployed to work simultaneously in case you want the project to be completed within a short time. Your timelines may also influence the choice of the roof type. The support structure of roof shingles takes more time to erect when compared to the support structure needed for metal roofs, for example.

The information above may not be all that the roofer needs to know before work commences. It is therefore advisable for you to maintain frequent communication with the contractor so that you avail any other needed information without any delay.