Core drilling is one of the toughest jobs on the face of planet Earth. Luckily, professionals can be hired to perform core drilling jobs on behalf of their clients. Before hiring a core drilling contractor, you should be aware that not all core drilling contractors are the same. Think through these three factors to ensure you find the best contractor to work for you.

Type and nature of drilling required

The first and most important factor to consider before selecting a core drilling contractor to work for you is the kind of drilling operations you will need carried out onsite. Some jobs are large in size while others are small. Large scale drilling operations, like mineral exploration drilling, demand the use of heavy-duty drills whereas small core drilling jobs, like drilling smaller diameter holes in concrete surfaces, can be achieved with handheld core drills.

Before selecting a core drilling contractor, consider the type of jobs that the various contractors out there specialise in. Look for a contractor that concentrates on providing the particular kind of services that you need. You might need to contact various contractors to find out what drilling techniques and equipment they employ.

Safety record of the contractor

There's no denying that core drilling is a dangerous job, so it is imperative that effective safety measures have been put in place to prevent workplace injuries. When you are looking for a contractor to hire, look for a company that has a good safety record so you can avoid being held liable for injuries sustained by those working onsite. Even if your contractor will take all the blame for any injuries that may arise during drilling operations at your project location, you wouldn't want to be associated with a contractor that has little regard for their workers. If you associate yourself with a contractor with a bad safety record, your reputation may be tainted. 

Environmental impact management

Core drilling operations can have detrimental effects on the surrounding environment. Core drilling machines generate strong vibrations, make loud noises or release toxic elements into the air. Before hiring a contractor, consider the steps put in place by the various contractors to minimise the negative impact of their drilling operations on the environment. It is best to hire a company that recognises the need to protect the environment.

If you take the above-elaborated factors into consideration, you stand a good chance at hiring the best contractor for your core drilling operations.