Hot water circulation pumps play a variety of roles and offer many benefits for all households especially when there is no water. They provide hot water instantly while reducing water waste usually caused by allowing flow until the water is heated from the source. This situation may seem simple but a lot of water goes to waste on an annual basis increasing bills unnecessarily. The circulation system involves a line of hot water that travels the entire household. It is designed with a timer that switches the pump at specific intervals during the peak usage moments. Here are some problems associated with the pump systems you should learn:

Waste of Power A lot of electricity can go to waste due to the continuous heating and circulation of heated water through the supply and return pipes in the house. Water heater systems that are located at longer distances from your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms will definitely take a long to circulate water to the taps. In this case, you need to calculate whether your hot water circulation system is going to be efficient and less costly for your household. Combating wasted electricity and heat loss can be achieved in a couple of different ways:

•    Insulating the supply and return pipes to prevent as much heat loss as possible through the pipes

•    Turning off the pump when not in use to limit power waste

Lower Flow Rate of Water Lower flow rate in most cases comes as a result of having a very small motor in the hot water circulation pump. The motor, in this case, may not produce enough head pressure to propel water at the required speed within the supply and return pipes. Such water pumps may even fail to turn on a tankless heater. Therefore, ensure you get the right advice from your manufacturer on the right motor for your hot water circulation system. Hot water circulation pumps are convenient and water saving features for any home as long as you can compensate for any repairs or problems caused by the system.  

Noise Issues Noise complications are common after the pump is put off and is caused by air flowing into the water heater system. To address this issue, you have to bleed the entire hot water system to free it from the air. This is done by opening the small air escape valve to the point where all the water is drained. Repeat the procedure for all other valves on the system.