If you are upgrading or remodeling your home, then you may be looking at ways to update the exterior of the home. This could be with landscaping options or changes that increase curb appeal. One of the ways to do that is with upgrading your doors and windows. PVC is one of the options. The problem is, many people have misconceptions about the use of PVC doors. Here are some of those misconceptions, the truth about them, and why you should consider the PVC option for your remodeling project.

There is No Variety with PVC Doors

One of the biggest misconceptions about PVC doors is the lack of variety. Some may believe there are only a few styles to choose from and that most of those are industrial or very generic. The truth is PVC doors come in a variety of options and even have wood grain options available. This means you will likely be able to find a door that matches your home design and upgrades the look of your home and curb appeal. You can even special order various colours and styles from PVC door and PVC strip curtain manufacturers that will be even more personalized for your style.

PVC Doors are Not Durable

When you choose a door for your home, you likely want to make sure that it will hold up to various weather conditions and wind damage. The misconception is that PVC doors will not be that durable and will succumb to the weather conditions. The truth is, PVC doors are actually durable to many things including weather. They are resistant to termites, rusting, corrosion, and can hold up to a variety of weather conditions including extreme rains as well as heat and cold. This makes them ideal for most areas and versatile if you deal with extreme weather seasons in your area.

PVC Doors are Difficult to Maintain

The maintenance on a PVC door is actually not difficult to maintain. You do not have to worry about paint chipping or rust that could cause the door to need repairs. You also don't have to worry about staining or waterproofing. PVC doors simply require a routine cleaning which can be done with a soft cloth and a detergent and water mixture. During dry seasons, they can be sprayed off and wiped down easily.

By keeping these points in mind, you can begin to make an informed choice about using PVC doors as an alternative during your remodeling project. For pricing and installation contact a local contractor with experience in PVC installation.