Putting up a steel garage can be a tedious and expensive project especially if you are planning to use it for your car and boat. Noteworthy, as a DIY enthusiast you have the freedom to design the garage depending on your taste, preference, and functionality. For example, to make use of limited space, you would erect a hanging steel pipe platform for boat servicing. However, due to the magnitude of such a DIY project, the induction bending process is ideal for some reasons. This article highlights such benefits.

Reduced Costs -- One feature that induction pipes have is a bend as opposed to an elbow. An elbow joint on a steel pipe is achieved majorly through welding. Depending on the size of a project, welding several steel pipes together requires the services of several welders. As a result, labour costs go up consequently driving the cost of ownership up. However, in the induction process, bends replace elbows thereby reducing the number of welds on your project. Additionally, tubes bent through induction do not require thorough inspection like welded steel pipes, which brings down cost further. Therefore, the overall cost of your garage will be lower if you use induction pipes.

Saves Time -- It is widely known that the longer a project takes, the more expensive it becomes. With fluctuating prices of building materials, it is advisable to take as little time as possible constructing your garage. In induction bending process, a steel pipe is placed on the machine bed, and heat is applied. Once it is hot enough, the pipe is passed through a coil that bends it. Therefore, induction is a faster process compared to welding, which is more elaborate regarding inputs. For example, in welding, you require specialised personnel, welding compounds, and sophisticated equipment.

Angle flexibility -- Naturally, the only angles available in the case of welded joints are forty-five and ninety-degree angles. Angles greater than or less than these will affect the stability of the joints. Consequently, such restriction eliminates the design freedom you would normally have in any DIY project. For instance, since you would require roofing steel pipes with varying angles, the induction-bending process is ideal for such an endeavour. The freedom to stretch angular limits on the pipes promotes design freedom thereby allowing you to individualise your garage. By extension, therefore, induction bending is best suited for DIY enthusiasts who want to explore without limitations.